Physical and Virtual Classroom Attendance Simplified

School Roll Call makes taking physical and virtual classroom attendance easy.


Know exactly when a student enters and exits a physical or virtual classroom.

Quickly run a report to see where a student is located and a history of their check-ins.

School Roll Call is great for flex or activity periods where students can go to whatever classroom they desire.

In case of an emergency, know exactly where your students are located.

Can be used for Faculty and Staff check-in.

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Key Features

Quick Check-in/Check-out


Scan a students barcoded ID or select them from the Student List to automatically check them in.

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Access from Anywhere

Mobile Compatible

Access School Roll Call from any web-enabled device that has a data connection to the internet.

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Easy Reporting


Reports are quick and simple, and can be exported to different file formats to share with others.

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School Roll Call Customer Testimonials

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